Can Foundation Repairs Add Value to Your Auckland Home


Home values depend on a number of variables so making any exterior or structural work on your home should be carefully considered, prior to committing to any project. Maintaining or improving a property’s value can be achieved quickly when the market conditions and the demand for homes in a specific area increase dramatically. This is currently happening in the Auckland housing market which is good news for homeowners looking to sell. One area of home improvement to consider is foundation repair. Here is a quick guide to what foundation repairs in Auckland involve and which specialist to contact to find out more. Determine the Extent of Repairs Needed

If your home foundation starts to move it can create other problems which may cause extensive damage to your house structure. The sooner you identify any potential problems the sooner you can start repairs and save money in the process. If there is any damage you will need to get this repaired before selling your home to ensure you gain maximum profit on any sale. So how do you know that the foundations in your home need repair?

Internal signs:

Cracks appear in your walls
Windows begin to stick
Doors begin to jam

Check the outside of your home for any leaning walls or bulges in walls.

What’s Involved in Foundation Repairs?

Auckland homes needing concrete foundation repairs will typically be lifted to provide access for demolition and construction. That is a relatively complex process involving disconnecting the home’s utilities and removing masonry chimneys and fireplaces. Since each property’s construction is somewhat different, the exact requirements will be determined by the construction team and the homeowner. Once the repair strategy is determined the construction team can begin working.

Enhance a Home’s Living Space by Repairing Foundations

Basement areas, especially in older homes, tend to be used more for storage than actual living space. When Auckland property owners choose to invest in basement remodeling, the added space can dramatically enhance the overall liveability of a property. Rather than being unused, enhanced basement spaces can be used for a variety of purposes. Larger windows add natural light and allow the enjoyment of the area throughout the year.

How Much Do Foundation Repairs Cost?

The cost of foundation repairs or remodelling is determined by the types of work needed. Obviously, it costs more to repair or expand larger homes, and the design of a home will also impact the total cost. The best way to determine what a project will cost is to have a contractor visit the site and evaluate the project. Professional foundation repair contractors have the expertise to determine what strategies would best resolve your home’s foundation issues while keeping the total costs to a minimum.

If you are looking for an Auckland based foundation repair expert then contact Slabjacking ( for experts who will work closely with you to determine what kind of foundation repairs are needed and how the project should be approached.


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